How to Enter


Composite Art is the technique of combining multiple shapes, forms, and parts of images to create a new, cohesive composition. The practice of composite forms in art is valuable as it allows for the creation of distinctive, dynamic compositions. 

It also allows for the exploration of different themes and ideas within a single work of art, creating interesting visual interest and movement. 

For a creative, it permits the artist to explore new ways of exhibiting subjects and objects that challenge traditional forms of art making. This can also lead to opening the boundaries and limitations for art forms. It as well opens a tremendous opportunity for interesting storytelling. Composite Art encourage the viewer to look deeper within the artwork questioning the way they perceive reality.


With composite entries, the artist is allowed to use any media to create their vision. The vision and final piece should be the artists vision and should NOT represent a piece or vision created from another artist. The art piece needs to be unique. Art can include  the following media, drawings, painted art, photography, stock images, sgi. Stock images must have proper licensing and the art piece is required to have 4 or more pieces that create the final art piece. 

Note: Media used should be included to the comment area when submitting your composite piece. 


CM.02-Animal Stories
CM.03-Contemporary Art
CM.04-Global Matters
CM.06-Fine Art
Landscapes and Seascapes
CM.11-Portrait Stories
CM.12-Still Life
CM.14-Wedding Creative


Painting is the application of pigments on a surface that establishes an image, design, or decoration. In art, the term ‘painting’ describes both the act and the result. Most paintings are created with pigment in liquid form applied with a brush until now. 

With time, tools for painted art have evolved and more ways of creating art have been established. Digitally painted art is an art form using computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, Krita and other software along with a graphics tablet and stylus pen. Many artists with this technology, have found this method of painting a unique way of finishing their photography or creating painted images from scratch.  


All art entered into this category must be digitally painted or are a photograph of a painted or sketched images using acrylics, oils,, ink, or  watercolor or charchole. The original can be created by any method the entrants would like, The end result must be pleasing and have the feel of a quality art piece. 

Note: Media used should be included in the comment area when submitting your painted art piece. 

PN.01 - Abstracts
PN.02 - Animals Stories
PN.03 - Cityscapes
PN.04 -
Fine Art Portrait
PN.05 - Floral and Botanical
PN.06 - Historical Stories
PN.07 - Impressionism
PN.08 - Landscapes
PN.09 - Portrait Story
PN.10 - Restorative Work
PN.11 - Seascapes
PN.12 - Still Life


Image Stories can be submited in any of the classes in the competition. Image Stories are 4 images that encompus the same story, feel and finish.
Some examples. 

  • 4 images of the same story of a wildlife scene you created. 
  • 4 images of a fantasy scene in the same location telling a story
  • 4 architecural images of the same building or similar. 
  • 4 images of the same floral idea or botanicle.
  • 4 portraits that create a story.  
  • 4 images of a food or product scene


Digital files must follow the following specifications: 

* Entry size is 2400 pixels on the longest side. Stories 3000 pixels. 
* sRGB or Adobe color space. 
* Jpeg format.
* Entrant name should not appear anywhere on the entry.
* Entrant name should not appear anywhere on the file name.
* Branding or logos should not appear anywhere on the entry.
*All entries need to be named with a title. Image 1, 2 or 3 is not an image name.


Photographic Art is one of the most used media for an artist to express their vision. The goal of fine-art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.

In Portrait Photography, the goal is to capture the essence and story behind the person or persons photographed. By no means is this an easy feat, yet many photographic artist do this exceptionally well. 

In Nature Photography capturing scenes of our amazing world and wildlife is an art where many do it so well. 

Photography - Pure Photography (yours), no AI, no CGI, no stock images, no painted images, no composites. Software which uses today's AI technology for basic adjustments and clean up is accepted, example, sharpening, color adjustments, contrast, color grading, removing small items. You are allowed to change backgrounds, flip heads or hands and add a very small items on portraits to complete the image (background must be yours or from a digital background machine). For landscapes/seascapes, sky change  must be from an image your captured. Textured and gradient filters are allowed. Softening, sharpening and clean up images is allowed. Removing and cleaning up of images is allowed. 

AI Regenerative fill is NOT allowed for changing backgrounds in this category. Please enter into the SGA Category.

For Photographic Art Category, we reserve the right to request the raw files. 


PH.01 - Abstract
PH.02 - Aerial
PH.03 - Architecture
PH.04 - Birds and Birds of Prey
PH.05 - Character Portrait
PH.06 - Children's Portraits
PH.07 - Cultures of our World
PH.08 - Fashion
PH.09 - Fine Art Portrait
PH.10 - Fine Art Nude
PH.11 - Floral and Botanical
PH.12 - Food and Product
PH.13 - Impressionism
PH.14 - Landscapes
PH.15 - Macro Art
PH.16 - Minimalist
PH.17 - Monochrome
PH.18 - Pet Photography 
PH.19 - Portrait Story
PH.20 - Portraits (One Person)
PH.21 - Reportage
PH.22 - Seascapes / Waterscapes
PH.23 - Still Life
PH.24 - Street Photography
PH.25 - Travel and Cityscapes
PH.26 - 
PH.27 - Wedding Details 
PH.28 - Wedding Creative
PH.29 - Wildlife


Software Generated (SGA) Art Category includes art and images created by methods of AI and CGI. 

AI Art has hit the market and many are starting to use it in creating some amazing art. AI art which stands for Artificial Intelligence is art created in two ways. You are able to create your vision by texting a sentence or paragraph and wait and see if your vision appears, or it creates something that the artist can work with a starting point or parts for another piece of art they are working on. The other way is to upload your photographic image and add to your vision by including words that will bring the artists final vision to life. 

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is a specific technology or application of computer graphics for creating or improving images in art, printed media, simulators, videos, and video games. This type of images and art are either static (i.e., still images) or dynamic (i.e., moving images). CGI both refers to 2D computer graphics and (more frequently) 3D computer graphics with the purpose of designing characters, virtual worlds, or scenes and special effects (in films, television programs, commercials, etc.). The application of CGI for creating/improving animations is called computer animation, or CGI animation.


Art entered in the SGI Category, are art pieces created by CGI or AI Text to Image or by a starting image and then completed by AI Text. Other software such as PS can be used to complete the art piece. All image used that are not AI must be your image or have proper licensing. 

For a more painterly finish affect, please enter into the Painted Art Category.  A painted softness is allowed to complete the AI Art. 

If you started with you own image, this should be included in the comment area when submitting your entry. 

SG.01 - Abstract
SG.02 - Animal Stories

SG.03 - Architecture
SG.04 - Botanical/Floral
SG.05 - Fantasy
SG.06 - Fashion
SG.07 - Film Stories
SG.08 - Fine Art
SG.09 - Fine Art Portrait
SG.10 - Food and Product
SG.11 - People
SG.12 - Places
SG.13 - Portrait Story 
SG.14 - Landscapes
SG.15 - Still Life
SG.16 - Surrealism
SG.17 - Wildlife
SG.18 - Other


To enter the IV Awards, you will need to first register. Once your register, click on MY IVA. This will take you to your user profile. This will be your area for entry and your archives. Click on the link showing ENTER THE IV AWARDS. The entry form is below the Message Board. Taking a moment to listen to the instructional video will make your experience even easier to enter.